Objects Menu

Contains commands to add new objects and manage them.

  - Add structural elements
- Add basic elements
- Add interactive elements
- Add transformations
- Add objects that hide elements or stop audio
- Go to screen on that selected element is defined
- Scroll editor area to get selected element visible
- Go to resource that is linked to selected element
- Show properties of selected element

Structural elements

  - Add new presentation
- Add new section
- Add new screen

Basic elements

  - Add new image object
- Add new text object
- Add new audio object
- Add new cursor object
- Add new mouse click object

Interactive elements

  - Add new active area object
- Add new input field object
- Add new key pressing object
- Add new positive reaction object
- Add new negative reaction object
- Add new hyperlink object


  - Add new screen scrolling object
- Add new motion transformation
- Add new scaling transformation
- Add new rotation transformation
- Add new transparency transformation

Hide objects

  - Add new hide object element
- Add new stop audio object

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