AtPresent Recorder Pro captures PC screen and allows:
- Macromedia Flash movie creating
- project for AtPresent Editor application generating
- program screenshots preparing.

Base concepts

AtPresent Recorder Pro records all desktop activity by periodic screenshots capturing.

Set area of screen to catch and interval of capturing, click a button to start recording and perform any activity you want, than click a button to stop recording.
Recorder will save a sequence of captured screenshots, mouse cursor with its motion and mouse clicks.

Content editing
You can look through all recorded screens, edit mouse cursor type and location, set up mouse tracing, add/remove mouse clicks, delete unnecessary screens or add copy of screen.

You can save captured screenshots (full size or selected rectangular part) in separate image files or export them as the sequence of HTML pages.

Flash Movie making
AtPresent Recorder Pro stores all recorded activities in Macromedia Flash Movie.
Movie will contain all captured screenshots graphics, mouse cursors with its motions and tracing, mouse clicks.
Also, you can burn your copyright into movie graphics.

Presentation project making
AtPresent Recorder prepares presentation project automatically. Presentation project can be edited and published to Macromedia Flash based presentation by AtPresent Editor application.
The project will contain necessary structure of Screens, images, hiders, mouse cursors, motions and mouse clicks objects.
More information about "what the presentation project is" you can find in documentation for AtPresent Editor application (

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