Capturing area defining
Before recording you can set the screen's area to be captured. This area is defined by Bounds Frame object. You can resize this Frame and move it in necessary location by mouse Drag and Drop operation. Also, you can use the keyboard:
- to move Frame press keys "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right";
- to change the size of Frame hold pressed "Shift" key and press keys "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right".

In the new project, the initial size of capturing area is equal to size of the computer's desktop.

If the project contains any captured screenshots already, it is impossible to change the size of capturing area (but you can change its location).

To start recording choose the command "Start" from menu Record or click the corresponding button on the Toolbar.
The dialog "Recording parameters" will be opened.

In this dialog you can set next parameters:
  • Interval between two sequent screen capturing events.
    This interval does not include the time of capturing and saving to file processes, so the bigger size of capturing area, the less frequency of sequent catching events.
    Note. The less capturing interval you set, the less time other applications (work of those you are recording) can work. So you need choosing compromise settings.
  • Area to catch (full screen or concrete values of area's location and size).
  • Quality of graphics to be recorded.
    Use low graphics quality to minimize the size of generated movie. See Tips and Tricks paragraph for recommendations about how to work in this mode.
  • Flag that makes Recorder capturing only different screens.
    If you do not check this flag, Recorder will capture all screenshots even if screenshots are equal by content and differ only by mouse cursor position. This mode records more real mouse motion.
  • After you pressed the button "OK", the window of Recorder will be minimized and recording will be started after 2 seconds.

    After you finished all necessary activity, maximize Recorder window and stop recording session using the command "Stop" from menu Record or clicking on the corresponding button on the Toolbar.

    Recorder deletes equal sequent screenshots if necessary and displays the first captured screen.

    Recurring recording
    You can always extra record any additional screens inside the already captured screenshots sequence. Just navigate to the screen, after which you want to add new recorded screenshots, and start recording.
    Also you can capture single screenshot using the command "Photo screen" from the menu Record. This captured screenshot will be added after the current screenshot.

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