Work area defining
Compile project
Full rebuild
Generate HTML sequence

Work area defining
Before generating the project you can define an area from that you want to create Flash Movie.
For this purpose, you can resize and set location of Bounds Frame object by mouse Drag and Drop operation.
Also, you can use the keyboard:
- to move Frame press keys "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right";
- to change the size of Frame hold pressed "Shift" key and press keys "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right".

Generate Flash movie
AtPresent Recorder Pro generates the Flash Movie (swf file) and html file to view Flash Movie in the browser.
Generated files will be placed into folder "%ProjectFolder%/generated/flash", where "%ProjectFolder%" is a folder in that current project is stored.

Use the command "Make Flash movie" from the menu Generate or click the corresponding button on the Toolbar.
If there are any generated results already, they will be deleted.

In opened dialog you can set analysis parameters:

  • Minimum Area (pixels) - this parameter defines level of screenshot's fragmentation for comparing analysis. The less value of this parameter, the less size of image fragments will be defined.
  • Analysis algorithm - defines algorithm that will be used for screenshots comparing. Simple algorithm works faster, but Recursive algorithm commonly generates more compact (by size of all resources files) result.
  • Graphics quality - defines format of generated image files (PNG-24 or PNG-8).
  • Process priority - defines priority of generation process (in High priority Recorder takes more system resources).
  • The range of screens from that you want to create Flash Movie.

    After project is compiled, the window "Generated results" will be opened.

    In this window you can find the paths to the generated files.
    Also, you can view generated Flash Movie in browser by pressing the "View" button.

    After project is generated the window "Statistics" will be opened.

    Information in this window will help you to evaluate results of analysis.

    Note. If you call Flash movie generating repeatedly and you changed only screens duration values or mouse cursor positions (you did not deleted or restored any screenshots and not changed position or size of Bounds Frame object), then generating process will be performed faster (without screenshots content analyzing).

    Full rebuild
    This command is equal to "Make Flash movie", but it always performs all screenshots content analysis.

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