AtPresent Recorder captures your PC screen to generate a project for AtPresent Editor application (http://www.atpresent.biz/editor.html) that allows you creating Flash-based simulation, presentation, tutorial or demo.

Also, you can use it as a comfortable tool to prepare screenshots for your programs.

Base concepts

AtPresent Recorder records all desktop activity by periodic screenshots capturing.

You set area of screen to catch and interval of capturing, click a button to start recording and perform any activity you want, than click a button to stop recording.
Recorder automatically detects the same sequent screenshots and removes them.
You can look through all recorded screens and delete those you do not like.

You can save captured screenshots as HTML sequence or make a presentation project from these materials.

Making presentation project
AtPresent Recorder prepares presentation project automatically. Presentation project can be edited and published to Macromedia Flash based presentation by AtPresent Editor application.
Recorder creates sequence of Screen objects, compares captured screenshots, stores differences as separate images and adds Image objects to corresponding screens. Recorder can detect images that must be hidden on Screen and adds Hide object elements to Screen.
Also, Recorder detects type and position of system mouse cursor on each screen and adds Cursor objects and Motion transformations for them.

Recorder saves as image resource files only different image fragments, that leads to small size of published presentation.

To learn about presentation project and objects mentioned above, please, refer to documentation for AtPresent Editor application (http://www.atpresent.biz/editor.html).

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