Defining work area
Compile project
Generate HTML sequence

Defining work area
Before generating a project you can define an area from that you want to create a Flash-based presentation by resizing and moving of Bounds Frame object by mouse Drag and Drop operation.
Also, you can use a keyboard:
- to move Frame press keys "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right";
- to change the size of Frame hold pressed "Shift" key and press keys "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right".

Compile project
As a result of compilation AtPresent Recorder generates a presentation project that can be edited and published into Flash-based presentation by AtPresent Editor( application. Result will be placed into folder "%ProjectFolder%/generated/project for editor".

("%ProjectFolder%" - it is a folder in that current recorder project is stored)

To start compiling a project, click on button on the Tool bar or choose a command "Compile project" from menu Generate.
If there are any generated results already, they will be deleted.

In opened dialog you should set analysis parameters:

  • Minimum Area (pixels) - this parameter defines level of fragmentation of screen shot for comparing analysis. In other words, the less value of this parameter, the less size of image fragments will be defined.
  • Analysis algorithm - defines algorithm that will be used while comparing screenshots. Simple algorithm works faster, but Recursive algorithm commonly generates more compact (by size of all resources files) result.
  • Format to store image fragments - defines format of generated image files (PNG-24 or PNG-8). Note. We recommend you to use the same format in that screen shots were recorded.
  • Process priority - defines priority of generation process (High or Medium).

    After project is compiled, a window "Generated results" will be opened.

    In this window you can find the path to generated project file.

    After project is generated a window "Statistics" will be opened.

    Seeing information in this window, you can evaluate results of analysis.

    Now you can open generated project in AtPresent Editor application (or import it in existing project) for further editing and publishing as a Flash-based presentation.

    Generate HTML sequence
    To save captured screenshots as HTML sequence choose a command "Make HTML sequence" from menu Make.
    Recorder will save all not equal selected by Bounds Frame object areas of screenshots to image files and create a set of HTML files with these images that are linked "screen by screen".
    Result will be placed into folder "%ProjectFolder%/generated/html".

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