Captured content editing

Navigating between screen shots
Deleting screen shots
Working with the Dustbin
Setting screen duration

Navigating between screen shots
You can use navigation commands to look trough all captured screenshots and make sure if recorded content fits your needs.

Navigate from toolbar
You can use next navigation buttons that are placed on the toolbar:
- go to previous screen shot
- go to next screen shot.

Also, you can quickly go to any screen shot using a slider control .

Information about currently visible screen's number and all screens count is placed on the toolbar .

Deleting screen shots
You can delete current screen by clicking on button on the Tool bar or using a command "Delete" or "Delete all" (for all screen shots) from menu Edit.
Screen shots will not be deleted physically, but moved to the dustbin.

Working with the Dustbin
You can view a list of screen shots placed in the dustbin by clicking button on the Tool bar or using a command "Show dustbin" from menu Edit.

When you select any of the screen shot in this list, it will be displayed inside the Work area of Recorder.

  • To restore selected screen shot from the dustbin click the button "Restore".
  • To completely delete a screen shot click the button "Delete" or "Delete All".

    Note. When there are any screen shots in the dustbin, information about all screen shots count that is displayed inside the Tool bar and inside the Status bar will be different.
    - current screen's number / count of non-deleted screen shots
    - current screen's number / count of all screen shots (including deleted)

    Setting screen duration
    You can define the screen's duration time by clicking on button on Tool bar or using a command "Set screen's duration" from menu Edit.

    You can set equal duration time for all captured screen shots by selecting a corresponding checkbox in the dialog.

    Note. When Recorder generates a project for AtPresent Editor, these duration intervals will be used as values of property "Delay" of generated Screen object and property "Duration" of generated Motion transformation for Cursor object.

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