Base concepts

What is a generated presentation?
AtPresent Editor generates a set of files, organized in a special structure that contains resources and presentation player.
You can start viewing of generated presentation by opening index.html file in the browser.

Presentation player
Presentation player is an application written on Macromedia Flash Action Script.
Player lets users to view presentation screen by screen and interact with your presentation via interactive elements and via Skin controls.

Skin serves to let users control presentation's playback.
It includes:

  • Menu, that contains navigating buttons, section's and screen's title areas
  • Downloading indicator
  • Scrollbars
  • Controls for changing playback speed and audio volume
  • Service messages window

    Presentation creating
    To create a presentation you should:

  • select resources you want to use - images, flash movies, texts, audio
  • create screens sequence and define rules for navigating between screens:
    - go to next screen automatically or by user request;
    - delay time for going to next screen (in automatic mode);
    - allow or prevent going to next/previous screen by presentation's menu
  • place all necessary resources on each presentation's screen
  • add transformations (animated effects) to any object on screen
  • add interactive elements and define reactions on user actions
  • publish presentation

    Editor interface
    AtPresent Editor's window is divided on some main areas:

  • Menu and Tool bar
  • Editor area
    On this area you can view your presentation screen by screen and manage all objects, placed on currently observed screen.
  • Inspector area
    This area lets you
    - view all object's tree structure and jump to any screen or object of presentation
    - view and edit properties of currently selected object
  • Resources area
    This area contains tree of all resources that are used in your project and lets you manage them.
  • Resources preview area
    In this area you can observe currently selected resource and view additional information about resource.
  • Status bar

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