Changelog and Release Notes

Version 1.3.2

- Patch for viewing generated presentations in Macromedia Flash Player v.8 created.
- New content delivery loader shows loading percents info only if loading process is slow.
- Now Editor generates more compact publishing project's structure.
- Generated project's index html file contains additional links to open presentations in new window.
- Now it is possible to preview Flash resources (by clicking on preview panel).
- Thanks to changes in JavaSWF Library, it is possible to use transparent images in presentations.
- Fixed some bugs relating to Flash resources and objects processing.

Version 1.3.1

- Mozilla web browser is supported.
- Added "No sound" label in skin's settings window. It indicates that there are no any soundtracks used in presentation.
- Fixed bug in publishing of project that contains presentations with different skins.
- Fixed bug in aligning objects by width.
- Fixed bug in selecting objects after copy/paste operations.

Version 1.3

- You can use compiled flash movies as a new resource type to embed in your presentation.
- Lasso editor tool.
- You can input text value for Text Field inside big text area in a dialog window instead of small one-line area.
- Added repainting manager to sequentially repaint all application window (for some versions of Java machine window was not always repainted).
- Fixed bug relating to presentation importing.
- More features are available for publishing in demo version:
cursor object and motion transformation

Version 1.2.1

- Some changes lead to speed optimization in presentation player engine.

Version 1.2

The first public release.

Previous versions

Previous versions of the product were used for inner projects and never were published.

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